Frequently Asked Questions

So, you want to take 162…

We get a lot of requests from students who've heard about our 162 class, and are interested in taking it. We have a few thoughts on the subject.

Students who have been successful in CMSC-16100 are generally successful in CMSC-16200 as well, although there is the occasional student who doesn't take the wiki-work part of the course seriously, with predictably adverse consequences to their GPA.

Other students, e.g., students who've taken CMSC-15100, students who have struggled in CMSC-16100, and students who've taken a significant high school programming class, have had mixed results—which is to say that it works out well about half the time. Our experience is that students who have been successful in taking CMSC-16200 share some common attributes:

This is a course that assumes that you want to do interesting things that involve programming, and it rewards you for getting on with doing them.